Cyber Security Awareness – how safe is your business?

To run a successful business in today’s world you need efficient IT systems.  Investing in good technology can help you work more effectively and securely, however the most advanced technology will not protect your business from human error and employees falling foul of a cyber-attack. With an increasing reliance on technology keeping employees up-to-date on the myriad of cyber threats, and how to minimise risks, is a vital measure in protecting your business. 

Increased cyber-attacks

Since COVID-19 there has been an increasing number of hackers taking advantage of people working from home, where IT systems are often less secure than in the office. It has therefore never been more important to treat cyber security as a core measure within your business.

Government statistics show an increase in cyber-attacks where almost half of businesses and a quarter of charities have experienced cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. There has been a rise in phishing attacks (86%) but a fall in viruses and malware (16%) attacks.  Whilst many businesses are more resilient to online attacks due to enhanced IT security and improved methods of recovery from a breach, a negative outcome can still cause considerable damage and cost to a business. When confronted with a cyber-attack businesses will often worry about the vulnerabilities of their IT infrastructure and overlook the people who are using that technology. 

Each new technological solution brings forth new risks, which is why regular cyber security awareness training on the latest cyber security threats is a vital part in protecting your business.

Steps to reduce cyber threats:

  • create a risk aware culture
  • regular cyber-awareness training for all staff
  • ensure regulatory GDPR compliance
  • establish company protocol to respond quickly to cyber-attacks to minimise damage

Adept IT Solutions Cyber-Security Awareness training

Our cyber security awareness training is computer-based and delivered monthly in engaging bite-sized modules. 


We carry out an initial risk assessment on each delegate, via a questionnaire, to determine their individual knowledge gaps. Using the results from the gap analysis stage, we will automatically craft a 12-month training programme unique to each user – with weaker subjects (e.g. phishing, passwords etc.), being deployed first.

Regular up-to-date training

Each monthly course uses information about current cyber threats and takes about 15 minutes.  Courses can be delivered more regularly to meet the needs of your business. We send out automated invitations and reminders so your training is continuous, efficient and admin-lite.

Engaging and jargon-free

The content is engaging and jargon-free.  Our courses come with video, interactive and blog-style content to engage different styles of learning, whilst avoiding confusing technical jargon. 


The cost of the course is £2 per month per user, so affordable to every business.

Company data breaches can mean huge financial loss, reputational damage and can even lead to business failure.  Whether you’re worried about the plethora of phishing attacks, new viruses and malware, external and internal security threats or unauthorised access to your IT systems we can train your staff and help you develop a strategy to protect your company data.

For information about our cyber security awareness training and advice on IT security issues facing your business please contact | 01603 451810.