Why your business needs to start planning to upgrade to Windows 11  

Windows 10 will reach end of life in October 2025, and whilst there is no rush to update your computers to Windows 11 there are several good reasons to start planning your upgrade, including enhanced security and productivity.  Carrying out an IT audit will establish how many of your computers are compatible with Windows 11 and how many need replacing so you can plan your transition in the most cost-effective manner possible. It is always worth investing in the best specification hardware within your budget, as this will futureproof your IT and be more cost effective in the long run. 

Why should your business upgrade to Windows 11 before October 2025? 


Windows 11 features a simple user interface that makes finding what you want and interacting with the software easy. It has a redesigned Start Menu and Taskbar, improved touch controls as well as enhanced security features.   


Windows 11 comes with improved security features compared to previous versions, including enhanced hardware-based security capabilities and built-in ransomware protection. Upgrading will help protect your data and systems against cyber threats. 


Many industries have regulatory requirements that mandate the use of the most up to date operating systems.  Upgrading your business to Windows 11 will ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards related to data security and privacy. 

Performance and productivity 

Windows 11 is better at processing background information, enabling a better experience even for less powerful devices. It introduces various performance optimisations and productivity enhancements, such as faster boot times, improved multitasking capabilities with Snap layouts and Snap groups, and a redesigned Start menu. Upgrading can improve employee productivity and the user experience. 


Upgrading to Windows 11 ensures that your business has access to ongoing support and the latest updates and bug fixes from Microsoft, helping to maintain system reliability and stability.  


As software and hardware vendors increasingly focus on compatibility with the latest operating systems, businesses may find that newer applications and devices are designed specifically for Windows 11. Upgrading ensures compatibility with the latest software and hardware innovations, avoiding potential compatibility issues with outdated operating systems. 


Upgrading to Windows 11 helps futureproof your IT infrastructure by adopting modern features and technologies that support evolving business needs.  

End of support 

Microsoft typically ends support for older versions of Windows after a certain period, which means no more security updates or technical assistance. Planning upgrades for Windows 11 ensures that your business stays current and supported by Microsoft, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities and potential security breaches associated with unsupported operating systems. 

Overall, upgrading to Windows 11 will benefit your business through improved performance and productivity, enhanced security, and ensuring compliance with current security standards. It will help maintain compatibility and future-proof your IT infrastructure, so you can mitigate the risks associated with using outdated operating systems. Starting to plan upgrades now can help your business transition smoothly to Windows 11 and reap the benefits of a modern and secure computing environment. 

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