Why your business should switch to VoIP

When it comes to choosing a business phone system, many organisations are switching from a traditional PBX landline to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which offers considerable cost savings and phone features that make your business work better. Here are some key reasons for switching your business telephony to VoIP.

The Big BT Switch Off

BT are planning to switch off their traditional phone lines in 2025 and swap all business customers to VoIP solutions. Traditional phone systems will no longer be available so if your phone systems need an upgrade it is time to start planning and taking advantage of the cost savings and benefits VoIP can bring to your business.

Flexible and efficient working

Enabling your staff to work flexibly has become more important for every business to remain competitive, and hosted VoIP can facilitate this and enable more agile working.  Calls can be routed easily from one number to another and employees can be contacted on the same number whether they’re working from the office, their home, or on the train. Hosted phone solutions also provide smart “hunt group” services, which route calls intelligently within a group. For example; rather than distributing calls randomly, they can be assigned to the line that was active least recently, dividing labour more efficiently. There are plenty of features in VoIP systems designed to improve productivity, such as easy call playback, voicemail to email, and call waiting, which all help increase efficiency and boost your productivity.


Expanding traditional phone lines can be time consuming and expensive. With VoIP there are no hardware or phonelines to install so you can increase your telephony in a matter of minutes. This enables you to react quickly to the fluctuating needs of your business so you can work as efficiently as possible.

Cost savings

Hosted IP telephone systems eliminate hardware or ongoing maintenance costs. There are no set-up costs and the system is paid for on a licence per user basis.  Included in the monthly fee will be dedicated technical support, handsets and free calls to landlines and mobiles in the UK.

Security and recovery

If a traditional phone line goes down it can take hours or even days to fix. A hosted VoIP system is held in the cloud by servers that are look after by a team of specialists who ensure maximum reliability and security. Most hosting providers will have a mirrored second server in a separate location, so that should one data centre go down they are able to re-route your calls through other data centres. In this way your telephone systems can be kept working with no disruption to your business.

Phone features that boost business

VoIP systems provide a myriad of phone features that help your business work more efficiently including:

  • Get voicemails to your email inbox where you can listen, sort and respond to them quickly.
  • Record and monitor calls through an intuitive portal a dashboard with call statistics and playback options only a click away.
  • Conference cals for as many people as you need are simple to set up and manage.
  • Caller ID, call waiting, call blocking and easy transfer make call management a breeze.
  • Take your extension with you. Extension mobility can route calls to your smartphone – or another device.
  • Stay connected anywhere through 1-2-1 messages and group chats and screen sharing – wherever you are.
  • See who’s online, on the phone and available to ease communication whether you’re together or not

Hosted VoIP telephony enables companies of all sizes to save money and be more competitive. Our monthly packages range from £10 to £15 and offer many features to help your business work more efficently.  Contact us for more information 01603 451810| hello@adept-it-solutions.co.uk.